Yes, you can break that boner

20+ Things You Didnâ��t Know About Penises â�� But Should!It may sound like a scene from Saw, but trust us, penile rupture is very real. It tends to happen mostly during vigorous sex, but overly enthusiastic solo action can also be to blame. Most guys who’ve experienced the unthinkable, report hearing a popping noise, followed by excruciating pain. And as profoundly humiliating as it may be, a trip to the ER is in order, since an untreated fracture can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction (ED).

Shrinkage is not a myth

George and Jerry really did have their facts straight — cold weather and cold water are a penis’ mortal enemies. “Testicles need to be warm to effectively make sperm and testosterone,” explains Dr. Fiske. So after a dip in the pool your guy’s tools will literally huddle up against him to stay toasty — kinda like you do.

Smoking isn’t just bad…

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