By Tiny Ron.

The answer is you have to make everything that happens meaningful; an attention getter. You have to keep the audience awake. Your first job is to keep them interested.

You’re not teaching them about humanity, you’re entertaining them. You must keep them interested.

So, if the director says to you, O.K., sit down over there and you sit down over there and there is nothing going on… make something go on that is important to the story and the character. That is your creative job. That is what you get hired for. If I’m a director and I hire De Niro, I know that he isn’t just going to bog down.

He is going to do something interesting. That is why he is worth all that money. That is why they hire him, they don’t like him. Nobody likes anybody in this industry.

They hire you because you are necessary, because you do something that is interesting that will sell tickets. Do you know why your basketball player makes so much money? People pay a lot of money to see him. That is why he makes more money than a brain surgeon.

Brain surgeon only has one client that needs him at a time. Right? But a basketball player has a multitude that need him at a time, that’s why he makes more money.

And the Stars that make more money are the ones who can do something interesting. The way to be interesting is to find out what is going on in the story, who is your character, what does he want, what does he feel and dramatize it. Don’t just think about it, but do it.

Your objective is not just what you think, it’s what you do.

And you have to do it physically. It is not just a question of finding a place to settle yourself where you are the least target. An actor doesn’t sit down because a character sits down, an actor sits down because he is half the target seated than he is standing.

You fight your heart out to get in front of the camera, you want to be hidden when you get up there? It doesn’t make sense, it is illogical. Why be an ostrich?


About Eddy Kimani

Kenyan living in Nairobi, taking it a day at a time...more to follow!

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  1. Am loving your blog Eddy!! and yah, i need to see you back on TV. Kudos!

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