1st Kenya Actors Challenge – will take place on 29th January 2013 at Club Sylk opposite Nation Media Center from 630pm to 930pm.

Their will be two categories;

    1. The first 8 actors who sign up the night of the show get 2:00 minutes to perform a monologue on stage in front of a panel of industry professionals.
    1. This round is for the 16 those who qualify through  pre-vetted process and are given 3 minutes to perform a monologue of their choice. They are encouraged to bring props and costumes that compliment their performance. The winner of this round is the champions and will have to defend their title in the next edition.



Who Can Participate?

  1. Anyone over the age of 18.
  2. We will limit the number of participant’s event.
  3.  Application for entry will be closed once the cap is reached or if the window for application has closed, whichever comes first.

1st Place: 

  • The Actors Monologue Challenge trophy
  • 7, 000 Ksh cash prize
  • Portfolio Photo Shoot Session with a  top photographer.

2nd Place: TBC

3rd Place:  TBC

Overall Audience Favorite – TBC

Note: The Overall Audience Favorite prize will be awarded to anyone participating in as determined by the audience.








Dear actors, If you are interested in participating, please email us at with the heading/subject “Participant”.

This is how you will vie for a place in the 16 slots available to take part in the first The Actors Monologue Challenge.




    1. Please provide the following information:
      • Name:
      • Email Address:
      • Contact Phone Number:
      • Name Of Play:
      • Name Of Playwright:
      • Please attach a copy of your performance piece to the email.
      • Please ensure that it is a character based theatrical monologue not longer than 3 minutes.
      • Will You Require A Chair For Your Performance? (Yes/No)
      • Will You Be Bringing A Hand Prop or any other prop? (Yes/No) If “Yes”, Please Specify: _________________
      • How Did You Hear About Us?  P



  1. Once your application has been reviewed by us and is in order, you will receive a confirmation email from us as one of the lucky 16 with further instructions on the event.
  2. Only upon receiving the confirmation email will you be allowed to participate.
  3. Closing date for all entries is 11:59p.m. on 25th January 2013.

What Do I Perform? / Monologue Slam Rules:

 Participants are asked to preferably prepare a theatrical monologue from a published play. All participants are required to provide the name of the play and the playwright when applying. As an alternative, if a participant chooses, he/she may also perform their own original material which must be a CHARACTER BASED THEATRICAL MONOLOGUE.

  1. Improvisations, screenplays, stand up, poetry or storytelling is strictly forbidden. The judging panel each night reserves the right to determine if your performance piece disregards these conditions.
  2. Choose a monologue that you feel shows you to your best advantage, and one that is close to you in age, range and experience.
  3. Material performed must not be longer then 3 minutes.
  4. All performances will be timed. At the 2minute mark, participants will be notified with a “chime”. There is no penalty if you finish within 2minutes and 5seconds.
  5. Judges will automatically disqualify anyone who goes beyond this time. Disqualification and no-shows will result in forfeiture of all registration fees.

Performances will be scored by category on a point system by the 2 or 3 judges from the TV/FILM industry in Kenya.

Each category is worth 10points.

Approach & Closure: First impression and last impression.
– How the actor handles the opening and final moment of the monologue

Delivery: A sense of Place/Relationship
– How the actor uses their physical and intellectual instrument to convey where they are and who they are speaking to.

Content: Overall performance
– How the actor was able to make use of an opportunity for an emotional transition.

Confidence: Stage presence and working moment to moment.
– How well the actor was able to work within a ‘competition setting’

Believability & Fit: Selection of Material
– Did the actor pick a monologue within their age, range and experience?

Time:  Ability to follow pre-set guidelines
– How well the actor managed the time constraint. Does the monologue seemed rushed, too short or was it over time?

Once all the monologues have been performed, the numbers will be tabulated and results will be announced shortly after.

In the event of a tie, the judges will depend on the ever-reliable “AUDIENCE-APPLAUSE-O-METER”

At the end of the challenge there will only be 3 finishers (Gold, Silver and Bronze) winners.

The 2 or 3 Judges on the day are responsible for awarding the 1st – 3rd place winners.

Audience voting will determine who AUDIENCE FAVORITE is.

All results are final.



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